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   Welcome to my humble abode. I am Kindar, as you can see from my picture I'm a tiger. Don't let that scare you off, I'm harmless, well almost. 

   I'm 30,I work as a . . . _I_'m a bounty hunter, he's just a lousy customer service rep . . . . Shut up, Don't mind him he's just a fictional character. If I'm so fucking Fictional how come you spend your time writing stories about my . . . . OK, that's enough. Kids might be reading this. I'm going to make sure you don't bother us anymore <scuffle>
   Like he could ever hope to outfight me. you can listen to me tell you about all the fights I've been in, but nothing beats a few centuries of actual experience. Now where was he, oh yeah. he works a normal job and dreams he was living my life the rest of the time. In spite of that he's a fairly nice guy, of a bit on the odd side. if you want to get to know him better sent him a note his address is He'll never admit it but he loves the attention. and just so there's no confusion, I'm the guy on the first page, not the  on at the top of this one 
   Thanks a LOT. what right do you have to give my email to everyone. and DON'T tie me up like that.  you don't usually . . . Do NOT go there! 


04-02-04   -   I've started work on a new story, Sid & Maro,  I have the outline done at this point, I'll try to post the chapters as I finish them
02-14-04   -   I've put My Brother's Shower in the unfinished stories section of the bedrooom. as well I have put up a gift pic there, and updated the other pics so the page will load faster.
01-31-04   -  I have added the story Merry Christmas to the bedtoom, and I'm slowly trying to put back up all my other stories, Peeping is back up, Jarred is also up now I think that's all my stories up now. if there's one missing just let me know
08-03-03   -  In my haste to upgrade, I ended up deleting my website :( so I've uploaded this older backup of it, and I'll be fixing things up as I go, hopefully I'll have everything back  here shortly
08-02-03   -  I have Upgraded the Server, it should be faster now and not crash constantly

   ok, here are the other rooms you can explore 
    Here you'll be able to find some of the stories I've written and am working on 
    Here you'll find pieces of art I've collected over the years 
    Here you'll find information on the games I run and enjoy. 
    This is my, our,  play room, just so you know it's an ADULT area so if you're under age don't let me catch you in there 
    The phonebook is where you'll find a list of my friends and their web addresses.